Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Go and vote, pls

Sorry for the silence recently... my life is getting very... complex of late.

Anyway, Adobe are playing at silly buggers with a bug that they're dragging their heels about, and they are saying it needs more votes to get more attention.

It's to do with CFClient, but just on principal, I've voted for it because they need to stop with these sloppy implementations. Hopefully you think likewise, so will go vote for this: "queryExecute params not working in mobile".

Sloppy, inconsistent implementations ought not need votes to get fixed. Adobe ought to have more pride in their work. But if instead they need votes... let's give them votes.



Thursday, 14 August 2014

Utterly off topic: my other twitter account

I try to keep my @daccfml Twitter account on-topic for CFML / IT type stuff: it's the Twitter adjunct to this blog. Sometimes I mess up and send off-topic updates from it, but on the whole I like to try to keep the off-topic stuff restricted to my other Twitter A/C: @dacactual.

One of the topics I comment semi-regularly on via @dacactual is my own lack of superstitious beliefs, and "gentle" piss-taking of people who have them. I often retweet messages from scientists, active atheists and pisstake accounts (@theTweetOfGod, etc) which represent my opinions, or I find interesting or funny. Sometimes I pass my own comments. I also talk / post about a bunch of other stuff on a semi-regular basis: movies I've watched, beer I've drunk, scientific articles I've read (particularly ones that challenge junk-science).

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Even newbies can help solve community problems

I was quite pleased yesterday when I got my first "accepted answer" for a Ruby-tagged question on Stack Overflow. I hasten to add that the question was one of converting CFML code to Ruby code, so I had a helping hand, plus it was simply a matter of seeing where the logic of the Ruby code didn't match that of the CFML. I think even someone not versed in Ruby at all could answer it. So I'm not claiming it as much of a personal achievement.

Friday, 8 August 2014

More on <cfcatch>: Java exceptions

This is a very quick appendix to this morning's article "<cfcatch>: my ignorance is reduced. Over a decade after it should have".

How about java exceptions? Well ColdFusion and Railo behave differently here.

<cfcatch>: my ignorance is reduced. Over a decade after it should have



I had to take this article down for a few hours as I ballsed up both the code and the analysis! Thanks to Adam Tuttle for noticing (or making me revisit it so I noticed it, anyhow).

It pleases me when I learn something I didn't know about fundamental parts of CFML. I temporarily feel daft, but I'm used to that.

Ray - amidst a fiery exchange of disagreement last night - set me straight on a feature of CFML's exception-handling that I was completely unaware of. Despite it being well documented. Since ColdFusion 4.5. Cool!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

PHP's error "handling". Oh dear

OK, so I am gonna side track into error-handling in PHP. During the writing of the previous article ("Looking at PHP's OOP from a CFMLer's perspective (part 1/?)") I needed to try to try/catch some stuff, and ended up having to learn a fair bit about how PHP implements error handling. Which is a bit of a horror story.

Looking at PHP's OOP from a CFMLer's perspective (part 1/?)

Once again I find myself looking at PHP. As an exercise, I'm gonna get up to speed with how OO is effected in PHP, and as a learning aid I'm gonna document it as I go. I hasten to add I am very much a PHP newbie so if I was you, I'd take what I say with a grain of salt. And if yo see anywhere I go wrong: please let me know.