Monday, 1 September 2014

Looking at PHP's OOP from a CFMLer's perspective (part 2/?)

So I continue my battle through PHP's OO implementation. See "Looking at PHP's OOP from a CFMLer's perspective (part 1/?)" for the first bit of this.

CFScript 2.0?

You will be used to me bleating about how Adobe have messed up a chunk of their CFScript implementation in ColdFusion 11 (and ColdFusion 9 for that matter too), eg: last week's "Example of the thoughtlessness of a generic tag to CFScript solution", plus "ColdFusion 11: cfloop in CFScript very broken"; plus some suggested fixes: "How about this for savecontent?" and "Another suggested tweak to CFScript: thread". But one of my readers has mentioned in passing a good approach to solving it, and revisiting all the things that are wrong with CFScript.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Example of the thoughtlessness of a generic tag to CFScript solution

I've repeatedly said that Railo and ColdFusion's way of implementing 100% CFML functionality coverage in CFScript was lazy, leaden, and detrimental to the language. Here's an egregious example.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What would you do?

Here's a quick one.

If you had a requirement to have a function which returned two things: a result, and optionally some telemetry on the process being run; and there were two distinct bits of data, and the nature of the requirement is such that the telemetry cannot pollute the return variable. How might you do that?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

<cfmodule> in CFScript: does this behaviour make any sense?

I'm in the process of documenting all of CFScript. Well: how to effect all of CFML's functionality in CFScript, really.

Today I'm looking at how <cfmodule> is handled in CFScript. Railo and ColdFusion implement it differently (although Railo also implements ColdFusion's implementation for sideways compatibility).

And I am puzzled with the way ColdFusion handles it.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Have found some evidence for that "There was an error accessing this page. Check logs for more details." issue in CFAdmin

I dunno if you've had this before, but I fairly frequently am confronted with this whenever I try to change something in CFAdmin:

This is after I successfully login, and can click around no worries, but as soon as I go to change anything, I get this error. This is a concern because it looks like there's a disconnect between CFAdmin's authentication (logging in) and authorisation (what one can do once logged in).

ColdFusion 12

Whilst some of the Adobe ColdFusion Team are pantsing about trying to take as long as possible to fix ColdFusion 10 and 11 bugs, other elements of the team must surely be planning ColdFusion 12. Adobe have completely failed with their increased-frequency release cycle, but they are undoubtedly still moving forward.

Each CF release people blog "ColdFusion n wishlist". I've just googled-up articles such as:
One thing though - and I didn't check the dates on those articles specifically - we only tend to start thinking about what should go in this next version of ColdFusion Adobe are developing once the cat is out of the bag that they are developing it. By the time whispers of the next version of ColdFusion reach the gen. pop., I suspect most of the features and general gist of the release is already at least written-, if not locked-, down.