Saturday, 12 April 2014

#ColdFusion 11 is not ready for release in one month's time. Simple.

This is a short adjunct, designed to encourage the Adobe ColdFusion Team to respond to their community. It'd be helpful if you could retweet it.

In my opinion, CF11 is not ready to release for one very good reason:

67 ColdFusion  bugs not even looked at yet? Yer having a fucking laugh, Rakshith.

Bugs in iterator functions in both Railo and ColdFusion

I decided to "do my bit" for the cfbackport project, and am looking at implementing the new collection iteration functions for older versions of ColdFusion. I'm aiming for CMFX6.0 onwards, but am having to guess at some of the language restrictions as I'm on my back-up laptop and only have CF10 & 11 to test with.

Well that's nice

I had a nice comment posted against one of my UDFs @ today:

Sting (Guest):
Well, This is He, even if his functions make no sense, he adds them here, because he is administrator of this site..
This is in regards to the savecontent() UDF I submitted a few weeks ago ("How about this for savecontent?").

Friday, 11 April 2014

Railo is out: more new iteration methods

Micha posted on the Railo Google Group the other day "(Last) Railo beta release (". You can get this via the in-admin updater if you're set to use the "Development releases (Bleeding Edge)" update channel.

Staying true to form, the upgrade process is seamless, and it also offers a bunch of excellent new stuff, as well as bug fixes. This is definitely the way CFML should be heading... not waiting around two years between features, as we have been with ColdFusion.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

ColdFusion 11 release date confirmed to be no later than...

This is the first "official" statement from Adobe I've heard about ColdFusion 11's release date. I was watching Ray's presentation that he gave to the Salt Lake City UG: "Recording and demos from my ColdFusion 11 presentation", and he let a tentative timeframe slip...

Oh, hohoho. You got me, CFHour

In slightly cliched fashion, I shall continue the overuse of this (mis)quote:
The reports of [CFHour's] death are greatly exaggerated.
It seems it was all a joke (not CFHour, I mean the announcement of their discontinuation), as they released another installment just now. I've not listened to it yet.

Yeah, so ignore this: "CF(Hour) is dead :-(".



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ye Olde XMLSearche Bugge

Henry mentioned this last night:

That sounded like something I could get my teeth into, so had a look at it this morning.